AGM 1st February

Hi all,

The AGM will be held on the 1st of February 2018. The following will topics will be discussed:

- Input on the use of iPads in Belmayne ETNS to support teaching and learning.

- Homework in Belmayne ETNS
- Positive mental health in Belmayne ETNS and the wider community

Homework 15th - 20th January

Hi all,

Here's an outline of the homework for this week.

  • Spellings: Please learn the list of spellings for the test on Friday. This week the spellings are based on 'a_e' or the 'magic e'. I will not be testing last weeks spellings formally but may ask a few during spelling and writing activities this week.

  1. ran
  2. hat
  3. came
  4. grape
  5. name
  6. cake
  7. old
  8. only
  9. pavement
  10. ate

Challenge Words:
11. plate
12. shade

  • Thematic Words: These are words relating to the theme in class. These words also relate to topics being covered in Learn Together, SESE and English. The children should know the meaning of these words and be able to read and discuss them by Friday.
  1. rights
  2. weather
  3. Poland
  4. emotions
  5. international

The children wrote these words out in class today so if you could check that they have spelled them correctly. The spelling practice sheets were put into their spelling folders but some children forgot their folder today so if it is at home can you put the sheet in tonight.

Maths and English sheetsEach night the children should complete one maths sheet and one English sheet. The sheets are back to back this week and the day of the week that they should be completed on is written on the front of the sheet. These are relating to topics we are looking at in English and Maths. 

Tables: This week the children will be doing +4. A practice page is attached at the start. The children should only do one day per night. I.e on Monday do Monday's part. I will test these on Friday.

PALS Reading:
We are starting a new reading strategy called PALS in class this week. PALS stands for Peer Assisted Learning Strategies. Each child will begin on the class reader 'The New Suit' and will read the book in pairs and act as 'coach' for each other. The children will not be reading this book at home and I will be giving leveled readers to the children during the week. 

International Week:
As part of International Week we are completing a class project on Poland. If any parents have anything from Poland (coins, flags, artefacts) that they would be willing to send in that would be brilliant. If any Polish parents would like to come in and talk a bit about Polish culture and history that would also be fantastic, just send me an email! Thanks!

Homework 8th - 12th January

I hope everyone had a lovely break and is settling back into the New Year!

This week we are taking it easy with homework to ease back into it. The children all wrote down their spellings yesterday and should learn these for the test on Friday.



Challenge Words:

The children also received a tables sheet today to practice their +3 tables for the tables test on Friday. 
They will do one of the sections per night and I told them to do Monday and Tuesday tonight for Homework. 

Winter Show

Hi all,

Just a few updates about the Winter Show this Thursday. 

  1. I have asked the children to bring in their costumes on Monday so I can check them and let you know if they are okay. If they forget anything on Monday they can bring it on Tuesday. 
  2. The children all know their lines but some still need a little bit of support in saying their lines out loud. Can you go through the lines again this week and ensure that the children are projecting their voices and saying the lines with emotion and feeling. 
  3. If you could also send in any shopping bags that you have on Monday as we will need one per child. 
  4. The show is at 10am on Thursday and we look forward to seeing you all there!


No homework or spellings this week!

No homework and no spellings this week!

If you can keep going over the lines that the children have for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" that would be great. Ideally, they should know their lines off by heart this week.


Winter Play Costumes

There's a note going home with the children tomorrow that will outline what the costumes are for "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".

If you could check this and go through it with your child. If you're unsure of anything let me know.

If anyone has a dog onesie could they let me know as we are trying to source one for the play!

Most of the children know their lines well but if you could continue reading these with your child at home and ensure that they are projecting the lines and reading them clearly.


Spellings 4th - 8th December

There's no written homework this week but the children will still have their spelling list. The spellings this week are:

  1. hop
  2. fit
  3. grin
  4. duck
  5. neck
  6. clock
  7. lick
  8. go
  9. no
  10. broomstick

And the Challenge Words are:

The thematic words (read, discuss, use) are:
  1. Magnetism
  2. repel (in terms of magnetism)
  3. attract (same as above)
  4. Winter
  5. The Grinch

AGM 1st February

Hi all, The AGM will be held on the 1st of February 2018. The following will topics will be discussed: Information: - Input on the us...